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Jordan Maurice is Designer based in Brooklyn, New York. Jordan was raised in rural Illinois and trained in the industrial midwest. After moving to New York City in 2015, he launched his studio practice focusing on lighting and furniture design. His work relies on a humble approach to material use and a reverence for the life-cycle of objects. Jordan's practice often features paired-down forms, combining complex manufacturing and sculptural simplicity.


The Studio Practice of Jordan Maurice
166 7th Street
Brooklyn, NY


~Radiator~ NYCx Design, May 2021
~Crafted~ Ground Floor Gallery 2019
~AMDC-Built~ ICFF, September 2018
~AMDC-Rumors~ ICFF, September 2017


~Matter.Made~ Senior Designer
~Yabu Pushleberg~  Intermediate Designer
~Armada~ Freelance Designer
~Lindsey Adelman Studio~  Designer
~Symmons Industries~ Junior Designer


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