domaine de boisbuchet | poitiers, france

Explorations in site specific light based sculpture. This research resulted in 11 lighting vignettes and has contributed to the development of a product scale lighting fixture.


Iowa State University Bike Share | Ames, Iowa

My thesis project on a speculative bicycle share system for Iowa State University. The research and concepts have been expanded in focused studios and citywide planning for a pilot program.


Hymalayan Yog Ashram | Rishikish, india 

An in depth immersion into ayurvedic living principles. Outcomes are still playing themselves out in my life, with focus on mindfulness and refined coping mechanizms.


The bicycle academy | froome, uk 

A study in the bespoke fabrication of steel bike frames from expert frame builders. The project resulted in a expanded knowledge in metal working and a custom bike frame.


Table top Design | Rome, Italy

An analysis of table top culture in Italy from Rome to Milan. This study took place over several months with a variety of craftspeople.


Lighting Design | new york City, New york

An ongoing lesson in contemporary design while living in New York.