Jordan Maurice

France | 2017


I.  Introduction
In the summer of 2017 I participated in a week long workshop at Domain De Boisbuchet in Lasacc, France. The goal of the weeklong studio intensive was to explore light in a very broad sense, with the guidance of renowned lighting designer Sabine Marcelis. Coming from a lighting design background myself, I was interested in learning new techniques or processes.

II.  Description of Activities

The workshop was formatted in a way that allowed for open exploration throughout, with check-ins and group discussion each day. We were first given a brief explanation of our material limitations and the goal of creating site specific pieces that are activated by light. We were given access to a small selection of artificial lights and a palate of acrylic sheets, some colorful; orange, frost blue, yellow, white, magenta, etc. We also had access to any left over materials in the shop and attached work space. If none of these supplies sufficed, we were encouraged to utilize found objects and materials. The final installations were to be interactive and would ideally utilize natural and artificial light.

The sprawling campus of Boibuchet would become the venue for our installations. For the first three days, my partners an I explored sites that could house our proposed installation

III.  Interpretation and Analysis

The resulting installation can be viewed here along side a video that was created by Boisbuchet. The final installation is simply called "Lighting Vignettes". Our primary outcome was a dialogue between each vignette, focusing on color, opacity, found object and light. Both artificial and natural lighting sources were utilized, each activated by day and evening.

IV.  References

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